If you consistently feel cold while others around you are hot, you may be suffering from reduced thyroid function. This is why individuals with autoimmune diseases usually respond so well to colostrum- it helps to repair the gut that may be leaking foreign bodies into the bloodstream that trigger autoimmune response. If the thyroid secretes too much hormone, hyperthyroidism results; too little hormone results in hypothyroidism.

One of the leading causes that causing you the run-down feeling is an underactive thyroid gland, a condition called hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland is the bodys internal thermostat, regulating the temperature by secreting two hormones that control how quickly the body burns calories and uses energy. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, loss of appetite, inability to tolerate cold, a slow heart rate, weight gain, painful menstrual periods, a milky discharge from the breasts, fertility problems, muscle weakness, muscle cramps, dry and scaly skin, a yellow-orange coloration in the skin (particularly on the palms of the hands), yellow bumps on the eyelids, hair loss and depression. Keep still and quiet.While you can use herbs to enhance your energy and vitality, remember that many health problems, some of them quite serious, can leave you feeling fatigue.BuyBovineColostrum.

The Proline-Rich Polypeptide component found in colostrum, with its ability to regulate underactive immune response can be indispensable to people with hypothyroidism. For more info on Bovine Colostrum, Visit : http://www. Thyroid problems can cause many recurring illnesses and fatigue. Hypothyroidism affects about 13 million people in the United States, about 90 percent of whom are women.com . When you awaken in the morning, place the thermometer under your arm and hold it there for fifteen minutes. If the gland is underactive, you dont burn enough calories to fulfill your bodys energy requirements. The most common symptoms are fatigue and intolerance to cold. A temperature of 97. Any pressure gauge movements motion can upset your temperature reading.

Keep a temperature log for five days. It is estimated that one in eight women will develop a thyroid condition at some point in her lifetime. If your readings are consistently low, consult your health care provider.6F or lower may indicate an underactive thyroid. Thyroid Self-Test To test yourself for an underactive thyroid, keep a thermometer by your bed at night. Other factors contained in colostrum repeatedly contribute to the healing of the intestinal lining; in some cases of autoimmune disease, the triggering agents filter from the leaky gut into the bloodstream. Women between the ages of thirty and fifty seem to be most prone to this condition. The thyroid can be affected by poor diet =, fluoride in the water, excessive consumption of unsaturated fats, endurance exercise, pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables, radiation from x-rays, alcohol, and drugs. If you have the run-down feeling which doesnt subside in a few weeks and you still feel sluggish, consider seeing a doctor. The thyroid plays a key role in regulating metabolism.